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14th-Dec-2009 10:44 pm
Happy! :3
Urrrrr. I haven't started on my homework /fails.
And I realised that Duet interviews are always SHORT.
So it pretty much drives me hehee.
so sleeeeeeeepy~!

*note: genki = vitality.

Duet September '09;

Kyomoto Taiga

Q1. If I do this I will become genki!
A. When I listen to Akanishi (Jin)kun's and Tegoshi (Yuuya)kun's singing voice my tension will go up ne ♪. Because those two are my admired senpai. While thinking that mimicking their singing style would be good, I would hum, and gradually become genki!
Q2. If I eat this I will become genki! A. Tomato! To me tomato is not a vegetable but a dessert (laughs). Without adding salt, dressings, mayonaise, it is the most delicious when you use your hands and eat(nibble) it. I like tomato's that are sweet like fruits but, sour tomato's are also good ne. Lowest count is eating one a day! The feeling doesn't come if you have to eat it and sleep. honestly idk what he's talking about too here @_@, he says the feelings won't come lol?
Q3. When I listen to this I will become genki! A. It has to be KAT-TUN-san naa. Because there are lots of good songs, in one week I would change the songs and put the one I like in but, now it's 「RUSH OF LIGHT」and「Crazy Love」. I'm touched by the melody. In my case, touched = genki. So, in contary to happy songs, sad songs and ballads might make me genki (laughs)
Q4. I will become genki if I meet that person! A. Akanishikun, Grandfather, Grandmother. But calling this people "that person" is rude (laughs). Appropriate people to call "that person" is definitely Yuuta and Shintaro. I think that we're being overly together! Yuuta = Uekusa Yuuta, Shintaro = Morimoto Shintaro. Overly together = being together all the time until its... overly together 8D
Q5. Please tell us your recent "genki episode! A. Maybe, school trip? It's the first time I stayed over, we're closer than I thought, and received genki!

Scan credit to kelwy of kyomototaiga whom in turn got it from 大我 HCL .
I didn't intend to do anymore translations (lol), but I did this because I really want to thank kelwy! Because. I'm that despo for scans. And since Ikki is not going to appear in magazines anymore, I'm twice as despo! (cries).
Sorry, Yuuta. I can't guarantee when I will do you :x
I hope he doesn't miss Yuuta that much! D: .

15th-Dec-2009 02:22 am (UTC)
thanks for translating!
Kyomoto-kun is really a Akanishi fanboy ne~
He do really love Tomato, saying that it is a dessert LOL
thanks thanks thanks xDD
15th-Dec-2009 07:04 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating even you were not supposed to do so. Appreciate it~

*patting* Don't worry. Johnny starts paying attention to the Jrs (like They Budou, Yara) recently so you'll see Ikki again :)

Taiga makes the fangirl inside me extremely happy ♥ Why does he like KAT-TUN (just like me)? I don't need any more reasons to love him ^.~
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